Funding Ideas

New Ideas

  • Low Barrier Email Archiving
  • Tools to harvest linked content
    • Integrate a web archiving tool to capture linked content
  • Projects focusing on local government emails and non-governmental organizations
  • Community email archiving
    • Partnerships between archives and community groups, or those leading social change, to capture email archives and develop a framework for ethical practice in email archiving.
  • Any other ideas you might bring to the table!

Previous Funding Ideas

Examples of projects that may be considered for funding include but are not limited to topics such as the following:

  • Development and implementation of an email preservation readiness toolkit.
  • Efforts that implement ‘low barrier’ email processing workflows using standard office applications and/or open-source tools, and to develop communities of practice around those toolkits
  • Programs to develop a statewide or regional capacity to preserve email within existing repository infrastructures
  • Specification planning processes for beginning-of-lifecycle email capture tools (i.e., those that capture at the time of sending or receiving)
  • Testing mechanisms for data loss/transformation when moving email from one tool or environment to another
  • Use case for the continued development of email-to-PDF toolsets or pathways.
  • Develop a cloud-based email self-archiving service.
  • Sustainability planning for email archives tool consortia or relationships with existing consortia.