Proposal Evaluation

Presubmission Feedback

The Project Director and Email Archives Community Fellow are available to provide presubmission feedback. Email a draft of your proposal narrative to Chris Prom (prom [at] prior to June 5th, and we will provide feedback no later than June 19th.

Formal Proposal Evaluation

Applicants will be evaluated with a rubric.  This rubric includes criteria to measure the following categories:

  • Organization and Project Contacts
  • Proposal Information (Title, amount, abstract)
  • Narrative, including the following subsections:
    • Rationale
    • Proposed Activities
    • Project Organization and Collaborators
    • Schedule of Activities
    • Budget and Budget Narrative (Please Note: ICR or overhead will not be supported.)
  • Dissemination
  • Expected Benefits and Outcomes
  • Project Sustainability
  • Supporting Documents
    • CV’s, endorsement letters, work samples, etc.