Two rounds of funding will be disbursed:

  • Submissions due July 31st, 2020, for projects beginning January 1, 2021
  • Submissions due May 30th, 2021, for projects beginning January 1, 2022

All projects must be complete by December 30th, 2023.

Round One

Application Period (May – July 31, 2020)

  • The Round One grant cycle is now open.
  • During this time, pre-submission feedback to potential applicants will be provided (due to project director by June 5, for comments returned by June 19th)
  • July 31 Final Grant Proposals Due (Round One) 

Review Period (July 31st – September 1st) 

  • During this time, proposal consideration and selection of successful applicants from the first round of proposals.

Selection Period (September 1st – November 15th)

  • October 30 Final Results Communicated to Applicants (Round One)

Disbursement (November 15th – December 31st) 

  • At this time, we will be coordinate grant logistics with awardees and the University Library business office. Official announcement of awardees will be released.
  • January 1st 2021 Funds to awardees will be transferred.

Round Two

  • Applications Due May 30th, 2021.  Additional information forthcoming