Tricia Patterson, Harvard University

Stephen Abrams, Harvard University

Sally DeBauche, Stanford University

Paul Carlyle, University of Manchester


This briefing will cover the objectives and outcomes of the EA:BCC-funded project “Integrating Preservation Functionality into ePADD” (or ePADD+ project, for short). From 2021-2022, Harvard University, the University of Manchester, and Stanford University collaborated to enhance the open-source email archiving tool, ePADD, with significant new preservation features, including import and export of a wider array of email formats for preservation purposes, capture of complete original order, processing documentation via PREMIS metadata, and Bagging for repository deposit.

The session will commence with an overview of how the collaboration coalesced, as well as the purpose and process of how the project unfolded. Presenters will review the new functions and features available in ePADD version 10.0, including a new optional integration of a format conversion tool that enables the ingest and export of a wide variety of email formats. The session will include a walkthrough of one institutional implementation workflow of ePADD, as well as an overview of how to get started using ePADD at your own organization. Presenters will conclude with a look ahead at next steps in tool and community development and guidance for how others can get involved.

This session is useful for curators, archivists, and digital preservationists interested in utilizing the ePADD tool to create preservation packages for deposit into a digital repository, as well as for any email archiving community members interested in keeping abreast of developments in ePADD.

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Day One – June 13
Tricia Patterson, Stephen Abrams, Sally DeBauche, Paul Carlyle