Sharon McMeekin, Digital Preservation Coalition


Between December 2019 and March 2021, the DPC developed a new digital preservation training learning pathway on behalf of The National Archives (UK): “Novice to Know-How: Digital Preservation Skills for Beginners”. While the course was developed with the UK Archives Sector in mind, it was made available for free to all. It has proved more successful than we could ever have hoped. It has now been completed by nearly 3000 learners in more than 60 countries. The full content of the learning pathway has also been shared with 9 other organizations for inclusion within their own learning management systems. Feedback has shown the course to be accessible, practical, and confidence building.

In late 2022, The National Archives (UK) awarded the DPC a further contract to develop a follow-on learning pathway, focusing on email preservation. The new learning pathway aims to provide learners with all the skills they will need to establish an email preservation program at their organization. It includes content covering organizational issues as well as developing workflows and demos of key tools. As with the original learning pathway, resources will be made available under a Creative Commons license for reuse by the community. These will include illustrations, resource lists, tool demo videos, and SCORM packages of learning content.

In this presentation we will discuss the motivations for the creation of the learning pathway and the development process. We will also provide an overview of the resources available to community and how they can be accessed.

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Day Three – June 15
Sharon McMeekin