Tom Habing, Chris Prom


The EAPDF (Email Archiving with PDF) project is developing a PDF specification (PDF/mail) for email archiving, as well as an opensource tool to convert emails to the new PDF format. The project aims for PDF/mail to lower barriers to effective email preservation that meets the needs of the archive and digital preservation community. The talk will provide a brief technical overview of the PDF/mail specification itself, including a description of the technical architecture and operation of our mailbox to PDF/mail conversion tool, and possible future directions for the tool. With an opensource tool available for converting emails, archivists and other professionalsparticularly those working in context where they do not have access to technologies supporting email preservationwill have a straightforward and costeffective way of preserving emails for posterity, complementing other preservation methods and tools.

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Day Three – June 15
Tom Habing, Chris Prom