Sally DeBauche, Marian Clarke


A current count puts the 92nd Street Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center’s email archive at almost 3 million messages. The email collection offers a look into the day-to-day activities and program planning of what many consider to be the preeminent place for writers and poets to share their work with the public. A collaboration between the Poetry Center and the digital archives team at Stanford University Libraries, this project applies ePADD to the assessment and preservation of the email archive with the goal of developing a processing and accessibility model that other cultural centers might learn from and adopt for their own internal and external purposes. The project team will provide an update on our progress to date, the various challenges that have arisen in a project of this nature, and the creative solutions that we have implemented. We will discuss the process of acquiring the 92Y’s email accounts, securely transferring them between project partners, and ingesting them into ePADD. We will also share our approach to processing this large and complex collection to make it usable for stakeholders at the 92Y and beyond, as well as the potential scholarly value of the collection as a record of the public history of literature.

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Day Three – June 15
Sally DeBauche, Marian Clarke