David Kirsch


This project focuses on how users — of various types, but especially what Talboom & Underdown (2019) call the “digitally curious” — discover and interact with responsive content in large-scale, organizational email corpora. We have tested our prototype tool EMCODIST (E-Mail COntext DIScovery Tool) with several groups of users, including an IRB approved observational environment where research subjects (users) are asked to compare their search experience under different information conditions. In this session, we will review the design and implementation of EMCODIST, discuss the progress and challenges we have encountered, outline additional steps to be completed by the end of the calendar year, and share high-level findings arising from the work. PI David Kirsch from the University of Maryland, College Park, will present and be joined by co-investigator Adam Nix from the University of Birmingham (UK).

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Day Two – June 14
David Kirsch