Matt Teichman, Nathan Mull


Opening old email in whatever software formats are available today is easy enough on the computers we currently have.  But what happens when the technology moves on? Will we still be able to read the word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, or graphics files of the past?

Even today, there are many file formats that are difficult to open on modern machines. Because the technology evolves so rapidly, in certain cases it can be challenging even to open a file that is only 10 or 20 years old, to say nothing of 40 or 50.

Thanks to the financial support of the EABCC, we are getting ready to release an open-source tool called Attachment Converter, which batch-converts the attachments in your email collection to digital formats that last longer.  Attachment Converter lets you use the file format conversion utilities that are already installed on your system to create a copy of your entire email collection, featuring converted copies of every attachment you are able to convert, in the emails from which they originated.

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Day Two – June 14
Matt Teichman, Nathan Mull