Led by:

Eden Irwin, Ruby Martinez, and Chris Prom

Join us: https://illinois.zoom.us/j/83681668027?pwd=aENoR2ROWkx5NnJtSUEwRm01SWtxQT09


Join us for a social to interact with other attendees and the symposium organizers! We will engage in a friendly competition to see who has the smallest AND largest email inbox contest, to share some email war stories, and to look ahead to the rest of the symposium.

1. Smallest and Largest Email Inbox Contest: Think you have the tidiest and most streamlined email inbox? Or perhaps your inbox is a digital treasure trove overflowing with valuable information? Engage in our friendly competition to determine who boasts the smallest and largest email inbox among the attendees. Showcase your organizational skills, share your strategies, and let’s see who comes out on top!

2. Email War Story Exchange: Every email professional has experienced moments of triumph, frustration, and humor while managing their inbox. This is your chance to gather with like-minded individuals and share your most compelling email war stories. Whether it’s a hilarious misunderstanding, an extraordinary email retrieval, or a near-disastrous mishap averted, we want to hear your tales.

Event Timeslots (1)

Day One – June 13